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Block from U+108E0 to U+108FF. This block was introduced in Unicode version 8.0 (2015). It contains 26 codepoints.

The Wikipedia provides the following information on block Hatran:

Hatran is a Unicode block containing characters used on inscriptions discovered at Hatra in Iraq, which are written in the Hatran alphabet and represent a form of the Aramaic language.

Chart at Unicode.org (PDF)
Block at Decode Unicode

  1. Glyph for U+108E0 Hatran Letter Aleph
  2. Glyph for U+108E1 Hatran Letter Beth
  3. Glyph for U+108E2 Hatran Letter Gimel
  4. Glyph for U+108E3 Hatran Letter Daleth-Resh
  5. Glyph for U+108E4 Hatran Letter He
  6. Glyph for U+108E5 Hatran Letter Waw
  7. Glyph for U+108E6 Hatran Letter Zayn
  8. Glyph for U+108E7 Hatran Letter Heth
  9. Glyph for U+108E8 Hatran Letter Teth
  10. Glyph for U+108E9 Hatran Letter Yodh
  11. Glyph for U+108EA Hatran Letter Kaph
  12. Glyph for U+108EB Hatran Letter Lamedh
  13. Glyph for U+108EC Hatran Letter Mem
  14. Glyph for U+108ED Hatran Letter Nun
  15. Glyph for U+108EE Hatran Letter Samekh
  16. Glyph for U+108EF Hatran Letter Ayn
  17. Glyph for U+108F0 Hatran Letter Pe
  18. Glyph for U+108F1 Hatran Letter Sadhe
  19. Glyph for U+108F2 Hatran Letter Qoph
  20. U+108F3
  21. Glyph for U+108F4 Hatran Letter Shin
  22. Glyph for U+108F5 Hatran Letter Taw
  23. U+108F6
  24. U+108F7
  25. U+108F8
  26. U+108F9
  27. U+108FA
  28. Glyph for U+108FB Hatran Number One
  29. Glyph for U+108FC Hatran Number Five
  30. Glyph for U+108FD Hatran Number Ten
  31. Glyph for U+108FE Hatran Number Twenty
  32. Glyph for U+108FF Hatran Number One Hundred