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Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B

Block from U+2980 to U+29FF. This block was introduced in Unicode version 3.2 (2002). It contains 128 codepoints.

The Wikipedia provides the following information on block Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B:

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B is a Unicode block containing miscellaneous mathematical symbols, including brackets, angles, and circle symbols.

Chart at Unicode.org (PDF)
Block at Decode Unicode

  1. Glyph for U+2980 Triple Vertical Bar Delimiter
  2. Glyph for U+2981 Z Notation Spot
  3. Glyph for U+2982 Z Notation Type Colon
  4. Glyph for U+2983 Left White Curly Bracket
  5. Glyph for U+2984 Right White Curly Bracket
  6. Glyph for U+2985 Left White Parenthesis
  7. Glyph for U+2986 Right White Parenthesis
  8. Glyph for U+2987 Z Notation Left Image Bracket
  9. Glyph for U+2988 Z Notation Right Image Bracket
  10. Glyph for U+2989 Z Notation Left Binding Bracket
  11. Glyph for U+298A Z Notation Right Binding Bracket
  12. Glyph for U+298B Left Square Bracket with Underbar
  13. Glyph for U+298C Right Square Bracket with Underbar
  14. Glyph for U+298D Left Square Bracket with Tick In Top Corner
  15. Glyph for U+298E Right Square Bracket with Tick In Bottom Corner
  16. Glyph for U+298F Left Square Bracket with Tick In Bottom Corner
  17. Glyph for U+2990 Right Square Bracket with Tick In Top Corner
  18. Glyph for U+2991 Left Angle Bracket with Dot
  19. Glyph for U+2992 Right Angle Bracket with Dot
  20. Glyph for U+2993 Left Arc Less-Than Bracket
  21. Glyph for U+2994 Right Arc Greater-Than Bracket
  22. Glyph for U+2995 Double Left Arc Greater-Than Bracket
  23. Glyph for U+2996 Double Right Arc Less-Than Bracket
  24. Glyph for U+2997 Left Black Tortoise Shell Bracket
  25. Glyph for U+2998 Right Black Tortoise Shell Bracket
  26. Glyph for U+2999 Dotted Fence
  27. Glyph for U+299A Vertical Zigzag Line
  28. Glyph for U+299B Measured Angle Opening Left
  29. Glyph for U+299C Right Angle Variant with Square
  30. Glyph for U+299D Measured Right Angle with Dot
  31. Glyph for U+299E Angle with S Inside
  32. Glyph for U+299F Acute Angle
  33. Glyph for U+29A0 Spherical Angle Opening Left
  34. Glyph for U+29A1 Spherical Angle Opening Up
  35. Glyph for U+29A2 Turned Angle
  36. Glyph for U+29A3 Reversed Angle
  37. Glyph for U+29A4 Angle with Underbar
  38. Glyph for U+29A5 Reversed Angle with Underbar
  39. Glyph for U+29A6 Oblique Angle Opening Up
  40. Glyph for U+29A7 Oblique Angle Opening Down
  41. Glyph for U+29A8 Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up and Right
  42. Glyph for U+29A9 Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up and Left
  43. Glyph for U+29AA Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down and Right
  44. Glyph for U+29AB Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down and Left
  45. Glyph for U+29AC Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right and Up
  46. Glyph for U+29AD Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left and Up
  47. Glyph for U+29AE Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right and Down
  48. Glyph for U+29AF Measured Angle with Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left and Down
  49. Glyph for U+29B0 Reversed Empty Set
  50. Glyph for U+29B1 Empty Set with Overbar
  51. Glyph for U+29B2 Empty Set with Small Circle Above
  52. Glyph for U+29B3 Empty Set with Right Arrow Above
  53. Glyph for U+29B4 Empty Set with Left Arrow Above
  54. Glyph for U+29B5 Circle with Horizontal Bar
  55. Glyph for U+29B6 Circled Vertical Bar
  56. Glyph for U+29B7 Circled Parallel
  57. Glyph for U+29B8 Circled Reverse Solidus
  58. Glyph for U+29B9 Circled Perpendicular
  59. Glyph for U+29BA Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar and Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar
  60. Glyph for U+29BB Circle with Superimposed X
  61. Glyph for U+29BC Circled Anticlockwise-Rotated Division Sign
  62. Glyph for U+29BD Up Arrow Through Circle
  63. Glyph for U+29BE Circled White Bullet
  64. Glyph for U+29BF Circled Bullet
  65. Glyph for U+29C0 Circled Less-Than
  66. Glyph for U+29C1 Circled Greater-Than
  67. Glyph for U+29C2 Circle with Small Circle To The Right
  68. Glyph for U+29C3 Circle with Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right
  69. Glyph for U+29C4 Squared Rising Diagonal Slash
  70. Glyph for U+29C5 Squared Falling Diagonal Slash
  71. Glyph for U+29C6 Squared Asterisk
  72. Glyph for U+29C7 Squared Small Circle
  73. Glyph for U+29C8 Squared Square
  74. Glyph for U+29C9 Two Joined Squares
  75. Glyph for U+29CA Triangle with Dot Above
  76. Glyph for U+29CB Triangle with Underbar
  77. Glyph for U+29CC S In Triangle
  78. Glyph for U+29CD Triangle with Serifs At Bottom
  79. Glyph for U+29CE Right Triangle Above Left Triangle
  80. Glyph for U+29CF Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
  81. Glyph for U+29D0 Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
  82. Glyph for U+29D1 Bowtie with Left Half Black
  83. Glyph for U+29D2 Bowtie with Right Half Black
  84. Glyph for U+29D3 Black Bowtie
  85. Glyph for U+29D4 Times with Left Half Black
  86. Glyph for U+29D5 Times with Right Half Black
  87. Glyph for U+29D6 White Hourglass
  88. Glyph for U+29D7 Black Hourglass
  89. Glyph for U+29D8 Left Wiggly Fence
  90. Glyph for U+29D9 Right Wiggly Fence
  91. Glyph for U+29DA Left Double Wiggly Fence
  92. Glyph for U+29DB Right Double Wiggly Fence
  93. Glyph for U+29DC Incomplete Infinity
  94. Glyph for U+29DD Tie Over Infinity
  95. Glyph for U+29DE Infinity Negated with Vertical Bar
  96. Glyph for U+29DF Double-Ended Multimap
  97. Glyph for U+29E0 Square with Contoured Outline
  98. Glyph for U+29E1 Increases As
  99. Glyph for U+29E2 Shuffle Product
  100. Glyph for U+29E3 Equals Sign and Slanted Parallel
  101. Glyph for U+29E4 Equals Sign and Slanted Parallel with Tilde Above
  102. Glyph for U+29E5 Identical To and Slanted Parallel
  103. Glyph for U+29E6 Gleich Stark
  104. Glyph for U+29E7 Thermodynamic
  105. Glyph for U+29E8 Down-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black
  106. Glyph for U+29E9 Down-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black
  107. Glyph for U+29EA Black Diamond with Down Arrow
  108. Glyph for U+29EB Black Lozenge
  109. Glyph for U+29EC White Circle with Down Arrow
  110. Glyph for U+29ED Black Circle with Down Arrow
  111. Glyph for U+29EE Error-Barred White Square
  112. Glyph for U+29EF Error-Barred Black Square
  113. Glyph for U+29F0 Error-Barred White Diamond
  114. Glyph for U+29F1 Error-Barred Black Diamond
  115. Glyph for U+29F2 Error-Barred White Circle
  116. Glyph for U+29F3 Error-Barred Black Circle
  117. Glyph for U+29F4 Rule-Delayed
  118. Glyph for U+29F5 Reverse Solidus Operator
  119. Glyph for U+29F6 Solidus with Overbar
  120. Glyph for U+29F7 Reverse Solidus with Horizontal Stroke
  121. Glyph for U+29F8 Big Solidus
  122. Glyph for U+29F9 Big Reverse Solidus
  123. Glyph for U+29FA Double Plus
  124. Glyph for U+29FB Triple Plus
  125. Glyph for U+29FC Left-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket
  126. Glyph for U+29FD Right-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket
  127. Glyph for U+29FE Tiny
  128. Glyph for U+29FF Miny