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  1. Glyph for U+0021 Exclamation Mark
  2. Glyph for U+003F Question Mark
  3. Glyph for U+05C6 Hebrew Punctuation Nun Hafukha
  4. Glyph for U+061B Arabic Semicolon
  5. Glyph for U+061D Arabic End of Text Mark
  6. Glyph for U+061E Arabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark
  7. Glyph for U+061F Arabic Question Mark
  8. Glyph for U+06D4 Arabic Full Stop
  9. Glyph for U+07F9 NKo Exclamation Mark
  10. Glyph for U+0F0D Tibetan Mark Shad
  11. Glyph for U+0F0E Tibetan Mark Nyis Shad
  12. Glyph for U+0F0F Tibetan Mark Tsheg Shad
  13. Glyph for U+0F10 Tibetan Mark Nyis Tsheg Shad
  14. Glyph for U+0F11 Tibetan Mark Rin Chen Spungs Shad
  15. Glyph for U+0F14 Tibetan Mark Gter Tsheg
  16. Glyph for U+1802 Mongolian Comma
  17. Glyph for U+1803 Mongolian Full Stop
  18. Glyph for U+1808 Mongolian Manchu Comma
  19. Glyph for U+1809 Mongolian Manchu Full Stop
  20. Glyph for U+1944 Limbu Exclamation Mark
  21. Glyph for U+1945 Limbu Question Mark
  22. Glyph for U+2762 Heavy Exclamation Mark Ornament
  23. Glyph for U+2763 Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament
  24. Glyph for U+2CF9 Coptic Old Nubian Full Stop
  25. Glyph for U+2CFE Coptic Full Stop
  26. Glyph for U+2E2E Reversed Question Mark
  27. Glyph for U+2E53 Medieval Exclamation Mark
  28. Glyph for U+2E54 Medieval Question Mark
  29. Glyph for U+A60E Vai Full Stop
  30. Glyph for U+A876 Phags-Pa Mark Shad
  31. Glyph for U+A877 Phags-Pa Mark Double Shad
  32. Glyph for U+FE15 Presentation Form For Vertical Exclamation Mark
  33. Glyph for U+FE16 Presentation Form For Vertical Question Mark
  34. Glyph for U+FE56 Small Question Mark
  35. Glyph for U+FE57 Small Exclamation Mark
  36. Glyph for U+FF01 Fullwidth Exclamation Mark
  37. Glyph for U+FF1F Fullwidth Question Mark
  38. Glyph for U+115C4 Siddham Separator Dot
  39. Glyph for U+115C5 Siddham Separator Bar
  40. Glyph for U+11C71 Marchen Mark Shad

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