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  1. Glyph for U+0E9D Lao Letter Fo Fon*
  2. Glyph for U+0E9F Lao Letter Fo Fay*
  3. Glyph for U+0EA3 Lao Letter Ro*
  4. Glyph for U+0EA5 Lao Letter Lo*
  5. Glyph for U+0E81 Lao Letter Ko
  6. Glyph for U+0E82 Lao Letter Kho Sung
  7. Glyph for U+0E84 Lao Letter Kho Tam
  8. Glyph for U+0E87 Lao Letter Ngo
  9. Glyph for U+0E88 Lao Letter Co
  10. Glyph for U+0E8A Lao Letter So Tam
  11. Glyph for U+0E8D Lao Letter Nyo
  12. Glyph for U+0E94 Lao Letter Do
  13. Glyph for U+0E95 Lao Letter To
  14. Glyph for U+0E96 Lao Letter Tho Sung
  15. Glyph for U+0E97 Lao Letter Tho Tam
  16. Glyph for U+0E99 Lao Letter No
  17. Glyph for U+0E9A Lao Letter Bo
  18. Glyph for U+0E9B Lao Letter Po
  19. Glyph for U+0E9C Lao Letter Pho Sung
  20. Glyph for U+0E9E Lao Letter Pho Tam
  21. Glyph for U+0EA1 Lao Letter Mo
  22. Glyph for U+0EA2 Lao Letter Yo
  23. Glyph for U+0EA7 Lao Letter Wo
  24. Glyph for U+0EAA Lao Letter So Sung
  25. Glyph for U+0EAB Lao Letter Ho Sung
  26. Glyph for U+0EAD Lao Letter O
  27. Glyph for U+0EAE Lao Letter Ho Tam
  28. Glyph for U+0EB0 Lao Vowel Sign A
  29. Glyph for U+0EB1 Lao Vowel Sign Mai Kan
  30. Glyph for U+0EB2 Lao Vowel Sign Aa
  31. Glyph for U+0EB3 Lao Vowel Sign Am
  32. Glyph for U+0EB4 Lao Vowel Sign I
  33. Glyph for U+0EB5 Lao Vowel Sign Ii
  34. Glyph for U+0EB6 Lao Vowel Sign Y
  35. Glyph for U+0EB7 Lao Vowel Sign Yy
  36. Glyph for U+0EB8 Lao Vowel Sign U
  37. Glyph for U+0EB9 Lao Vowel Sign Uu
  38. Glyph for U+0EBB Lao Vowel Sign Mai Kon
  39. Glyph for U+0EBC Lao Semivowel Sign Lo
  40. Glyph for U+0EBD Lao Semivowel Sign Nyo
  41. Glyph for U+0EC0 Lao Vowel Sign E
  42. Glyph for U+0EC1 Lao Vowel Sign Ei
  43. Glyph for U+0EC2 Lao Vowel Sign O
  44. Glyph for U+0EC3 Lao Vowel Sign Ay
  45. Glyph for U+0EC4 Lao Vowel Sign Ai
  46. Glyph for U+0EDC Lao Ho No
  47. Glyph for U+0EDD Lao Ho Mo
  48. Glyph for U+0EAF Lao Ellipsis
  49. Glyph for U+0EC6 Lao Ko La
  50. Glyph for U+0ECC Lao Cancellation Mark
  51. Glyph for U+0E86 Lao Letter Pali Gha
  52. Glyph for U+0E89 Lao Letter Pali Cha
  53. Glyph for U+0E8C Lao Letter Pali Jha
  54. Glyph for U+0E8E Lao Letter Pali Nya
  55. Glyph for U+0E8F Lao Letter Pali Tta
  56. Glyph for U+0E90 Lao Letter Pali Ttha
  57. Glyph for U+0E91 Lao Letter Pali Dda
  58. Glyph for U+0E92 Lao Letter Pali Ddha
  59. Glyph for U+0E93 Lao Letter Pali Nna
  60. Glyph for U+0E98 Lao Letter Pali Dha
  61. Glyph for U+0EA0 Lao Letter Pali Bha
  62. Glyph for U+0EA8 Lao Letter Sanskrit Sha
  63. Glyph for U+0EA9 Lao Letter Sanskrit Ssa
  64. Glyph for U+0EAC Lao Letter Pali Lla
  65. Glyph for U+0EDE Lao Letter Khmu Go
  66. Glyph for U+0EDF Lao Letter Khmu Nyo
  67. Glyph for U+0ED0 Lao Digit Zero
  68. Glyph for U+0EBA Lao Sign Pali Virama
  69. Glyph for U+0EC8 Lao Tone Mai Ek
  70. Glyph for U+0EC9 Lao Tone Mai Tho
  71. Glyph for U+0ECA Lao Tone Mai Ti
  72. Glyph for U+0ECB Lao Tone Mai Catawa
  73. Glyph for U+0ECD Lao Niggahita
  74. Glyph for U+0ECE Lao Yamakkan
  75. Glyph for U+0ED1 Lao Digit One
  76. Glyph for U+0ED2 Lao Digit Two
  77. Glyph for U+0ED3 Lao Digit Three
  78. Glyph for U+0ED4 Lao Digit Four
  79. Glyph for U+0ED5 Lao Digit Five
  80. Glyph for U+0ED6 Lao Digit Six
  81. Glyph for U+0ED7 Lao Digit Seven
  82. Glyph for U+0ED8 Lao Digit Eight
  83. Glyph for U+0ED9 Lao Digit Nine
  84. Glyph for U+1A20 Tai Tham Letter High Ka
  85. Glyph for U+1A21 Tai Tham Letter High Kha
  86. Glyph for U+1A22 Tai Tham Letter High Kxa
  87. Glyph for U+1A23 Tai Tham Letter Low Ka
  88. Glyph for U+1A24 Tai Tham Letter Low Kxa
  89. Glyph for U+1A25 Tai Tham Letter Low Kha
  90. Glyph for U+1A26 Tai Tham Letter Nga
  91. Glyph for U+1A27 Tai Tham Letter High Ca
  92. Glyph for U+1A28 Tai Tham Letter High Cha
  93. Glyph for U+1A29 Tai Tham Letter Low Ca
  94. Glyph for U+1A2A Tai Tham Letter Low Sa
  95. Glyph for U+1A2B Tai Tham Letter Low Cha
  96. Glyph for U+1A2C Tai Tham Letter Nya
  97. Glyph for U+1A2D Tai Tham Letter Rata
  98. Glyph for U+1A2E Tai Tham Letter High Ratha
  99. Glyph for U+1A2F Tai Tham Letter Da
  100. Glyph for U+1A30 Tai Tham Letter Low Ratha
  101. Glyph for U+1A31 Tai Tham Letter Rana
  102. Glyph for U+1A32 Tai Tham Letter High Ta
  103. Glyph for U+1A33 Tai Tham Letter High Tha
  104. Glyph for U+1A34 Tai Tham Letter Low Ta
  105. Glyph for U+1A35 Tai Tham Letter Low Tha
  106. Glyph for U+1A36 Tai Tham Letter Na
  107. Glyph for U+1A37 Tai Tham Letter Ba
  108. Glyph for U+1A38 Tai Tham Letter High Pa
  109. Glyph for U+1A39 Tai Tham Letter High Pha
  110. Glyph for U+1A3A Tai Tham Letter High Fa
  111. Glyph for U+1A3B Tai Tham Letter Low Pa
  112. Glyph for U+1A3C Tai Tham Letter Low Fa
  113. Glyph for U+1A3D Tai Tham Letter Low Pha
  114. Glyph for U+1A3E Tai Tham Letter Ma
  115. Glyph for U+1A3F Tai Tham Letter Low Ya
  116. Glyph for U+1A40 Tai Tham Letter High Ya
  117. Glyph for U+1A41 Tai Tham Letter Ra
  118. Glyph for U+1A42 Tai Tham Letter Rue
  119. Glyph for U+1A43 Tai Tham Letter La
  120. Glyph for U+1A44 Tai Tham Letter Lue
  121. Glyph for U+1A45 Tai Tham Letter Wa
  122. Glyph for U+1A46 Tai Tham Letter High Sha
  123. Glyph for U+1A47 Tai Tham Letter High Ssa
  124. Glyph for U+1A48 Tai Tham Letter High Sa
  125. Glyph for U+1A49 Tai Tham Letter High Ha
  126. Glyph for U+1A4A Tai Tham Letter Lla
  127. Glyph for U+1A4B Tai Tham Letter A
  128. Glyph for U+1A4C Tai Tham Letter Low Ha
  129. Glyph for U+1A4D Tai Tham Letter I
  130. Glyph for U+1A4E Tai Tham Letter Ii
  131. Glyph for U+1A4F Tai Tham Letter U
  132. Glyph for U+1A50 Tai Tham Letter Uu
  133. Glyph for U+1A51 Tai Tham Letter Ee
  134. Glyph for U+1A52 Tai Tham Letter Oo
  135. Glyph for U+1A53 Tai Tham Letter Lae
  136. Glyph for U+1A54 Tai Tham Letter Great Sa
  137. Glyph for U+1A55 Tai Tham Consonant Sign Medial Ra
  138. Glyph for U+1A56 Tai Tham Consonant Sign Medial La
  139. Glyph for U+1A57 Tai Tham Consonant Sign La Tang Lai
  140. Glyph for U+1A58 Tai Tham Sign Mai Kang Lai
  141. Glyph for U+1A59 Tai Tham Consonant Sign Final Nga
  142. Glyph for U+1A5A Tai Tham Consonant Sign Low Pa
  143. Glyph for U+1A5B Tai Tham Consonant Sign High Ratha Or Low Pa
  144. Glyph for U+1A5C Tai Tham Consonant Sign Ma
  145. Glyph for U+1A5D Tai Tham Consonant Sign Ba
  146. Glyph for U+1A5E Tai Tham Consonant Sign Sa
  147. Glyph for U+1A60 Tai Tham Sign Sakot
  148. Glyph for U+1A61 Tai Tham Vowel Sign A
  149. Glyph for U+1A62 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Mai Sat
  150. Glyph for U+1A63 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Aa
  151. Glyph for U+1A64 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Tall Aa
  152. Glyph for U+1A65 Tai Tham Vowel Sign I
  153. Glyph for U+1A66 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Ii
  154. Glyph for U+1A67 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Ue
  155. Glyph for U+1A68 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Uue
  156. Glyph for U+1A69 Tai Tham Vowel Sign U
  157. Glyph for U+1A6A Tai Tham Vowel Sign Uu
  158. Glyph for U+1A6B Tai Tham Vowel Sign O
  159. Glyph for U+1A6C Tai Tham Vowel Sign Oa Below
  160. Glyph for U+1A6D Tai Tham Vowel Sign Oy
  161. Glyph for U+1A6E Tai Tham Vowel Sign E
  162. Glyph for U+1A6F Tai Tham Vowel Sign Ae
  163. Glyph for U+1A70 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Oo
  164. Glyph for U+1A71 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Ai
  165. Glyph for U+1A72 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Tham Ai
  166. Glyph for U+1A73 Tai Tham Vowel Sign Oa Above
  167. Glyph for U+1A74 Tai Tham Sign Mai Kang
  168. Glyph for U+1A75 Tai Tham Sign Tone-1
  169. Glyph for U+1A76 Tai Tham Sign Tone-2
  170. Glyph for U+1A77 Tai Tham Sign Khuen Tone-3
  171. Glyph for U+1A78 Tai Tham Sign Khuen Tone-4
  172. Glyph for U+1A79 Tai Tham Sign Khuen Tone-5
  173. Glyph for U+1A7A Tai Tham Sign Ra Haam
  174. Glyph for U+1A7B Tai Tham Sign Mai Sam
  175. Glyph for U+1A7C Tai Tham Sign Khuen-Lue Karan
  176. Glyph for U+1A7F Tai Tham Combining Cryptogrammic Dot
  177. Glyph for U+20AD Kip Sign
  178. Glyph for U+5520 CJK Unified Ideograph-5520
  179. Glyph for U+7262 CJK Unified Ideograph-7262
  180. Glyph for U+562E CJK Unified Ideograph-562E
  181. Glyph for U+5AEA CJK Unified Ideograph-5AEA
  182. Glyph for U+6F66 CJK Unified Ideograph-6F66
  183. Glyph for U+7646 CJK Unified Ideograph-7646
  184. Glyph for U+843D CJK Unified Ideograph-843D
  185. Glyph for U+8001 CJK Unified Ideograph-8001
  186. Glyph for U+4F6C CJK Unified Ideograph-4F6C
  187. Glyph for U+52DE CJK Unified Ideograph-52DE
  188. Glyph for U+59E5 CJK Unified Ideograph-59E5
  189. Glyph for U+91AA CJK Unified Ideograph-91AA
  190. Glyph for U+6833 CJK Unified Ideograph-6833
  191. Glyph for U+6F87 CJK Unified Ideograph-6F87
  192. Glyph for U+70D9 CJK Unified Ideograph-70D9
  193. Glyph for U+916A CJK Unified Ideograph-916A
  194. Glyph for U+9412 CJK Unified Ideograph-9412
  195. Glyph for U+25892 CJK Unified Ideograph-25892
  196. Glyph for U+41ED CJK Unified Ideograph-41ED
  197. Glyph for U+470E CJK Unified Ideograph-470E
  198. Glyph for U+635E CJK Unified Ideograph-635E
  199. Glyph for U+7EDC CJK Unified Ideograph-7EDC
  200. Glyph for U+5D02 CJK Unified Ideograph-5D02
  201. Glyph for U+6D9D CJK Unified Ideograph-6D9D
  202. Glyph for U+75E8 CJK Unified Ideograph-75E8
  203. Glyph for U+8022 CJK Unified Ideograph-8022
  204. Glyph for U+94F9 CJK Unified Ideograph-94F9
  205. Glyph for U+94D1 CJK Unified Ideograph-94D1
  206. Glyph for U+50D7 CJK Unified Ideograph-50D7
  207. Glyph for U+52B3 CJK Unified Ideograph-52B3
  208. Glyph for U+5D97 CJK Unified Ideograph-5D97
  209. Glyph for U+61A6 CJK Unified Ideograph-61A6
  210. Glyph for U+6488 CJK Unified Ideograph-6488
  211. Glyph for U+802E CJK Unified Ideograph-802E
  212. Glyph for U+8356 CJK Unified Ideograph-8356
  213. Glyph for U+8F51 CJK Unified Ideograph-8F51
  214. Glyph for U+288C3 CJK Unified Ideograph-288C3
  215. Glyph for U+26E9C CJK Unified Ideograph-26E9C
  216. Glyph for U+21B18 CJK Unified Ideograph-21B18
  217. Glyph for U+22684 CJK Unified Ideograph-22684
  218. Glyph for U+22B42 CJK Unified Ideograph-22B42
  219. Glyph for U+2424D CJK Unified Ideograph-2424D
  220. Glyph for U+2022D CJK Unified Ideograph-2022D
  221. Glyph for U+21095 CJK Unified Ideograph-21095
  222. Glyph for U+2362A CJK Unified Ideograph-2362A
  223. Glyph for U+2383C CJK Unified Ideograph-2383C
  224. Glyph for U+264B4 CJK Unified Ideograph-264B4
  225. Glyph for U+237FD CJK Unified Ideograph-237FD
  226. Glyph for U+2788B CJK Unified Ideograph-2788B
  227. Glyph for U+27BCD CJK Unified Ideograph-27BCD
  228. Glyph for U+28864 CJK Unified Ideograph-28864
  229. Glyph for U+24D81 CJK Unified Ideograph-24D81
  230. Glyph for U+28CAE CJK Unified Ideograph-28CAE
  231. Glyph for U+2A054 CJK Unified Ideograph-2A054
  232. Glyph for U+37C9 CJK Unified Ideograph-37C9
  233. Glyph for U+4D4F CJK Unified Ideograph-4D4F
  234. Glyph for U+4741 CJK Unified Ideograph-4741
  235. Glyph for U+472E CJK Unified Ideograph-472E
  236. Glyph for U+37F9 CJK Unified Ideograph-37F9
  237. Glyph for U+35E6 CJK Unified Ideograph-35E6
  238. Glyph for U+39EF CJK Unified Ideograph-39EF
  239. Glyph for U+3E90 CJK Unified Ideograph-3E90
  240. Glyph for U+4C8F CJK Unified Ideograph-4C8F
  241. Glyph for U+4CD3 CJK Unified Ideograph-4CD3
  242. Glyph for U+4569 CJK Unified Ideograph-4569
  243. Glyph for U+40D5 CJK Unified Ideograph-40D5
  244. Glyph for U+4764 CJK Unified Ideograph-4764
  245. Glyph for U+7D61 CJK Unified Ideograph-7D61
  246. Glyph for U+50DA CJK Unified Ideograph-50DA
  247. Glyph for U+54BE CJK Unified Ideograph-54BE
  248. Glyph for U+54F0 CJK Unified Ideograph-54F0
  249. Glyph for U+5610 CJK Unified Ideograph-5610
  250. Glyph for U+9ADD CJK Unified Ideograph-9ADD
  251. Glyph for U+5AFD CJK Unified Ideograph-5AFD
  252. Glyph for U+61A5 CJK Unified Ideograph-61A5
  253. Glyph for U+985F CJK Unified Ideograph-985F
  254. Glyph for U+6045 CJK Unified Ideograph-6045
  255. Glyph for U+7C29 CJK Unified Ideograph-7C29
  256. Glyph for U+6D76 CJK Unified Ideograph-6D76

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