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  1. Glyph for U+03A4 Greek Capital Letter Tau
  2. Glyph for U+1D6BB Mathematical Bold Capital Tau
  3. Glyph for U+1D72F Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Tau
  4. Glyph for U+1D6D5 Mathematical Bold Small Tau
  5. Glyph for U+1D749 Mathematical Bold Italic Small Tau
  6. Glyph for U+03C4 Greek Small Letter Tau
  7. Glyph for U+1D6F5 Mathematical Italic Capital Tau
  8. Glyph for U+1D70F Mathematical Italic Small Tau
  9. Glyph for U+2CE8 Coptic Symbol Tau Ro
  10. Glyph for U+101A0 Greek Symbol Tau Rho
  11. Glyph for U+2CA6 Coptic Capital Letter Tau
  12. Glyph for U+10915 Phoenician Letter Tau
  13. Glyph for U+2CA7 Coptic Small Letter Tau
  14. Glyph for U+16B6F Pahawh Hmong Sign Tau
  15. Glyph for U+1D585 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Z
  16. Glyph for U+1D400 Mathematical Bold Capital A
  17. Glyph for U+1D401 Mathematical Bold Capital B
  18. Glyph for U+1D402 Mathematical Bold Capital C
  19. Glyph for U+1D403 Mathematical Bold Capital D
  20. Glyph for U+1D404 Mathematical Bold Capital E
  21. Glyph for U+1D405 Mathematical Bold Capital F
  22. Glyph for U+1D406 Mathematical Bold Capital G
  23. Glyph for U+1D407 Mathematical Bold Capital H
  24. Glyph for U+1D408 Mathematical Bold Capital I
  25. Glyph for U+1D409 Mathematical Bold Capital J
  26. Glyph for U+1D40A Mathematical Bold Capital K
  27. Glyph for U+1D40B Mathematical Bold Capital L
  28. Glyph for U+1D40C Mathematical Bold Capital M
  29. Glyph for U+1D40D Mathematical Bold Capital N
  30. Glyph for U+1D40E Mathematical Bold Capital O
  31. Glyph for U+1D40F Mathematical Bold Capital P
  32. Glyph for U+1D410 Mathematical Bold Capital Q
  33. Glyph for U+1D411 Mathematical Bold Capital R
  34. Glyph for U+1D412 Mathematical Bold Capital S
  35. Glyph for U+1D413 Mathematical Bold Capital T
  36. Glyph for U+1D414 Mathematical Bold Capital U
  37. Glyph for U+1D415 Mathematical Bold Capital V
  38. Glyph for U+1D416 Mathematical Bold Capital W
  39. Glyph for U+1D417 Mathematical Bold Capital X
  40. Glyph for U+1D418 Mathematical Bold Capital Y
  41. Glyph for U+1D419 Mathematical Bold Capital Z
  42. Glyph for U+1D468 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital A
  43. Glyph for U+1D469 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital B
  44. Glyph for U+1D46A Mathematical Bold Italic Capital C
  45. Glyph for U+1D46B Mathematical Bold Italic Capital D
  46. Glyph for U+1D46C Mathematical Bold Italic Capital E
  47. Glyph for U+1D46D Mathematical Bold Italic Capital F
  48. Glyph for U+1D46E Mathematical Bold Italic Capital G
  49. Glyph for U+1D46F Mathematical Bold Italic Capital H
  50. Glyph for U+1D470 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital I
  51. Glyph for U+1D471 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital J
  52. Glyph for U+1D472 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital K
  53. Glyph for U+1D473 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital L
  54. Glyph for U+1D474 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital M
  55. Glyph for U+1D475 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital N
  56. Glyph for U+1D476 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital O
  57. Glyph for U+1D477 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital P
  58. Glyph for U+1D478 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Q
  59. Glyph for U+1D479 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital R
  60. Glyph for U+1D47A Mathematical Bold Italic Capital S
  61. Glyph for U+1D47B Mathematical Bold Italic Capital T
  62. Glyph for U+1D47C Mathematical Bold Italic Capital U
  63. Glyph for U+1D47D Mathematical Bold Italic Capital V
  64. Glyph for U+1D47E Mathematical Bold Italic Capital W
  65. Glyph for U+1D47F Mathematical Bold Italic Capital X
  66. Glyph for U+1D480 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Y
  67. Glyph for U+1D481 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Z
  68. Glyph for U+1D4D0 Mathematical Bold Script Capital A
  69. Glyph for U+1D4D1 Mathematical Bold Script Capital B
  70. Glyph for U+1D4D2 Mathematical Bold Script Capital C
  71. Glyph for U+1D4D3 Mathematical Bold Script Capital D
  72. Glyph for U+1D4D4 Mathematical Bold Script Capital E
  73. Glyph for U+1D4D5 Mathematical Bold Script Capital F
  74. Glyph for U+1D4D6 Mathematical Bold Script Capital G
  75. Glyph for U+1D4D7 Mathematical Bold Script Capital H
  76. Glyph for U+1D4D8 Mathematical Bold Script Capital I
  77. Glyph for U+1D4D9 Mathematical Bold Script Capital J
  78. Glyph for U+1D4DA Mathematical Bold Script Capital K
  79. Glyph for U+1D4DB Mathematical Bold Script Capital L
  80. Glyph for U+1D4DC Mathematical Bold Script Capital M
  81. Glyph for U+1D4DD Mathematical Bold Script Capital N
  82. Glyph for U+1D4DE Mathematical Bold Script Capital O
  83. Glyph for U+1D4DF Mathematical Bold Script Capital P
  84. Glyph for U+1D4E0 Mathematical Bold Script Capital Q
  85. Glyph for U+1D4E1 Mathematical Bold Script Capital R
  86. Glyph for U+1D4E2 Mathematical Bold Script Capital S
  87. Glyph for U+1D4E3 Mathematical Bold Script Capital T
  88. Glyph for U+1D4E4 Mathematical Bold Script Capital U
  89. Glyph for U+1D4E5 Mathematical Bold Script Capital V
  90. Glyph for U+1D4E6 Mathematical Bold Script Capital W
  91. Glyph for U+1D4E7 Mathematical Bold Script Capital X
  92. Glyph for U+1D4E8 Mathematical Bold Script Capital Y
  93. Glyph for U+1D4E9 Mathematical Bold Script Capital Z
  94. Glyph for U+1D56C Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital A
  95. Glyph for U+1D56D Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital B
  96. Glyph for U+1D56E Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital C
  97. Glyph for U+1D56F Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital D
  98. Glyph for U+1D570 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital E
  99. Glyph for U+1D571 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital F
  100. Glyph for U+1D572 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital G
  101. Glyph for U+1D573 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital H
  102. Glyph for U+1D574 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital I
  103. Glyph for U+1D575 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital J
  104. Glyph for U+1D576 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital K
  105. Glyph for U+1D577 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital L
  106. Glyph for U+1D578 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital M
  107. Glyph for U+1D579 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital N
  108. Glyph for U+1D57A Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital O
  109. Glyph for U+1D57B Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital P
  110. Glyph for U+1D57C Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Q
  111. Glyph for U+1D57D Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital R
  112. Glyph for U+1D57E Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital S
  113. Glyph for U+1D57F Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital T
  114. Glyph for U+1D580 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital U
  115. Glyph for U+1D581 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital V
  116. Glyph for U+1D582 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital W
  117. Glyph for U+1D583 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital X
  118. Glyph for U+1D584 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Y
  119. Glyph for U+1D6A8 Mathematical Bold Capital Alpha
  120. Glyph for U+1D6A9 Mathematical Bold Capital Beta
  121. Glyph for U+1D6AA Mathematical Bold Capital Gamma
  122. Glyph for U+1D6AB Mathematical Bold Capital Delta
  123. Glyph for U+1D6AC Mathematical Bold Capital Epsilon
  124. Glyph for U+1D6AD Mathematical Bold Capital Zeta
  125. Glyph for U+1D6AE Mathematical Bold Capital Eta
  126. Glyph for U+1D6AF Mathematical Bold Capital Theta
  127. Glyph for U+1D6B0 Mathematical Bold Capital Iota
  128. Glyph for U+1D6B1 Mathematical Bold Capital Kappa
  129. Glyph for U+1D6B2 Mathematical Bold Capital Lamda
  130. Glyph for U+1D6B3 Mathematical Bold Capital Mu
  131. Glyph for U+1D6B4 Mathematical Bold Capital Nu
  132. Glyph for U+1D6B5 Mathematical Bold Capital Xi
  133. Glyph for U+1D6B6 Mathematical Bold Capital Omicron
  134. Glyph for U+1D6B7 Mathematical Bold Capital Pi
  135. Glyph for U+1D6B8 Mathematical Bold Capital Rho
  136. Glyph for U+1D6B9 Mathematical Bold Capital Theta Symbol
  137. Glyph for U+1D6BA Mathematical Bold Capital Sigma
  138. Glyph for U+1D6BC Mathematical Bold Capital Upsilon
  139. Glyph for U+1D6BD Mathematical Bold Capital Phi
  140. Glyph for U+1D6BE Mathematical Bold Capital Chi
  141. Glyph for U+1D6BF Mathematical Bold Capital Psi
  142. Glyph for U+1D6C0 Mathematical Bold Capital Omega
  143. Glyph for U+1D71C Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Alpha
  144. Glyph for U+1D71D Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Beta
  145. Glyph for U+1D71E Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Gamma
  146. Glyph for U+1D71F Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Delta
  147. Glyph for U+1D720 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
  148. Glyph for U+1D721 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Zeta
  149. Glyph for U+1D722 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Eta
  150. Glyph for U+1D723 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta
  151. Glyph for U+1D724 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Iota
  152. Glyph for U+1D725 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Kappa
  153. Glyph for U+1D726 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Lamda
  154. Glyph for U+1D727 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Mu
  155. Glyph for U+1D728 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Nu
  156. Glyph for U+1D729 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Xi
  157. Glyph for U+1D72A Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omicron
  158. Glyph for U+1D72B Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Pi
  159. Glyph for U+1D72C Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Rho
  160. Glyph for U+1D72D Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
  161. Glyph for U+1D72E Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Sigma
  162. Glyph for U+1D730 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
  163. Glyph for U+1D731 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Phi
  164. Glyph for U+1D732 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Chi
  165. Glyph for U+1D733 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Psi
  166. Glyph for U+1D734 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omega
  167. Glyph for U+1D7CA Mathematical Bold Capital Digamma
  168. Glyph for U+2200 For All
  169. Glyph for U+2201 Complement
  170. Glyph for U+2224 Does Not Divide
  171. Glyph for U+225C Delta Equal To
  172. Glyph for U+22C9 Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
  173. Glyph for U+22CA Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
  174. Glyph for U+1D41A Mathematical Bold Small A
  175. Glyph for U+1D41B Mathematical Bold Small B
  176. Glyph for U+1D41C Mathematical Bold Small C
  177. Glyph for U+1D41D Mathematical Bold Small D
  178. Glyph for U+1D41E Mathematical Bold Small E
  179. Glyph for U+1D41F Mathematical Bold Small F
  180. Glyph for U+1D420 Mathematical Bold Small G
  181. Glyph for U+1D421 Mathematical Bold Small H
  182. Glyph for U+1D422 Mathematical Bold Small I
  183. Glyph for U+1D423 Mathematical Bold Small J
  184. Glyph for U+1D424 Mathematical Bold Small K
  185. Glyph for U+1D425 Mathematical Bold Small L
  186. Glyph for U+1D426 Mathematical Bold Small M
  187. Glyph for U+1D427 Mathematical Bold Small N
  188. Glyph for U+1D428 Mathematical Bold Small O
  189. Glyph for U+1D429 Mathematical Bold Small P
  190. Glyph for U+1D42A Mathematical Bold Small Q
  191. Glyph for U+1D42B Mathematical Bold Small R
  192. Glyph for U+1D42C Mathematical Bold Small S
  193. Glyph for U+1D42D Mathematical Bold Small T
  194. Glyph for U+1D42E Mathematical Bold Small U
  195. Glyph for U+1D42F Mathematical Bold Small V
  196. Glyph for U+1D430 Mathematical Bold Small W
  197. Glyph for U+1D431 Mathematical Bold Small X
  198. Glyph for U+1D432 Mathematical Bold Small Y
  199. Glyph for U+1D433 Mathematical Bold Small Z
  200. Glyph for U+1D482 Mathematical Bold Italic Small A
  201. Glyph for U+1D483 Mathematical Bold Italic Small B
  202. Glyph for U+1D484 Mathematical Bold Italic Small C
  203. Glyph for U+1D485 Mathematical Bold Italic Small D
  204. Glyph for U+1D486 Mathematical Bold Italic Small E
  205. Glyph for U+1D487 Mathematical Bold Italic Small F
  206. Glyph for U+1D488 Mathematical Bold Italic Small G
  207. Glyph for U+1D489 Mathematical Bold Italic Small H
  208. Glyph for U+1D48A Mathematical Bold Italic Small I
  209. Glyph for U+1D48B Mathematical Bold Italic Small J
  210. Glyph for U+1D48C Mathematical Bold Italic Small K
  211. Glyph for U+1D48D Mathematical Bold Italic Small L
  212. Glyph for U+1D48E Mathematical Bold Italic Small M
  213. Glyph for U+1D48F Mathematical Bold Italic Small N
  214. Glyph for U+1D490 Mathematical Bold Italic Small O
  215. Glyph for U+1D491 Mathematical Bold Italic Small P
  216. Glyph for U+1D492 Mathematical Bold Italic Small Q
  217. Glyph for U+1D493 Mathematical Bold Italic Small R
  218. Glyph for U+1D494 Mathematical Bold Italic Small S
  219. Glyph for U+1D495 Mathematical Bold Italic Small T
  220. Glyph for U+1D496 Mathematical Bold Italic Small U
  221. Glyph for U+1D497 Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
  222. Glyph for U+1D498 Mathematical Bold Italic Small W
  223. Glyph for U+1D499 Mathematical Bold Italic Small X
  224. Glyph for U+1D49A Mathematical Bold Italic Small Y
  225. Glyph for U+1D49B Mathematical Bold Italic Small Z
  226. Glyph for U+1D4EA Mathematical Bold Script Small A
  227. Glyph for U+1D4EB Mathematical Bold Script Small B
  228. Glyph for U+1D4EC Mathematical Bold Script Small C
  229. Glyph for U+1D4ED Mathematical Bold Script Small D
  230. Glyph for U+1D4EE Mathematical Bold Script Small E
  231. Glyph for U+1D4EF Mathematical Bold Script Small F
  232. Glyph for U+1D4F0 Mathematical Bold Script Small G
  233. Glyph for U+1D4F1 Mathematical Bold Script Small H
  234. Glyph for U+1D4F2 Mathematical Bold Script Small I
  235. Glyph for U+1D4F3 Mathematical Bold Script Small J
  236. Glyph for U+1D4F4 Mathematical Bold Script Small K
  237. Glyph for U+1D4F5 Mathematical Bold Script Small L
  238. Glyph for U+1D4F6 Mathematical Bold Script Small M
  239. Glyph for U+1D4F7 Mathematical Bold Script Small N
  240. Glyph for U+1D4F8 Mathematical Bold Script Small O
  241. Glyph for U+1D4F9 Mathematical Bold Script Small P
  242. Glyph for U+1D4FA Mathematical Bold Script Small Q
  243. Glyph for U+1D4FB Mathematical Bold Script Small R
  244. Glyph for U+1D4FC Mathematical Bold Script Small S
  245. Glyph for U+1D4FD Mathematical Bold Script Small T
  246. Glyph for U+1D4FE Mathematical Bold Script Small U
  247. Glyph for U+1D4FF Mathematical Bold Script Small V
  248. Glyph for U+1D500 Mathematical Bold Script Small W
  249. Glyph for U+1D501 Mathematical Bold Script Small X
  250. Glyph for U+1D502 Mathematical Bold Script Small Y
  251. Glyph for U+1D503 Mathematical Bold Script Small Z
  252. Glyph for U+1D586 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small A
  253. Glyph for U+1D587 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small B
  254. Glyph for U+1D588 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small C
  255. Glyph for U+1D589 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small D
  256. Glyph for U+1D58A Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small E

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