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  1. Glyph for U+1C82 Cyrillic Small Letter Narrow O
  2. Glyph for U+1F820 Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow with Narrow Shaft
  3. Glyph for U+1F821 Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow with Narrow Shaft
  4. Glyph for U+1F822 Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow with Narrow Shaft
  5. Glyph for U+1F823 Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow with Narrow Shaft
  6. Glyph for U+7A84 CJK Unified Ideograph-7A84
  7. Glyph for U+72ED CJK Unified Ideograph-72ED
  8. Glyph for U+72F9 CJK Unified Ideograph-72F9
  9. Glyph for U+0020 Space
  10. Glyph for U+2420 Symbol For Space
  11. Glyph for U+2CBC5 CJK Unified Ideograph-2CBC5
  12. Glyph for U+2EB1E CJK Unified Ideograph-2EB1E
  13. Glyph for U+41E5 CJK Unified Ideograph-41E5
  14. Glyph for U+4256 CJK Unified Ideograph-4256
  15. Glyph for U+434B CJK Unified Ideograph-434B
  16. Glyph for U+3E61 CJK Unified Ideograph-3E61
  17. Glyph for U+3F24 CJK Unified Ideograph-3F24
  18. Glyph for U+3F26 CJK Unified Ideograph-3F26
  19. Glyph for U+4198 CJK Unified Ideograph-4198
  20. Glyph for U+401B CJK Unified Ideograph-401B
  21. Glyph for U+4A3E CJK Unified Ideograph-4A3E
  22. Glyph for U+3B82 CJK Unified Ideograph-3B82
  23. Glyph for U+402B CJK Unified Ideograph-402B
  24. Glyph for U+34A0 CJK Unified Ideograph-34A0
  25. Glyph for U+4460 CJK Unified Ideograph-4460
  26. Glyph for U+3F5B CJK Unified Ideograph-3F5B
  27. Glyph for U+3F20 CJK Unified Ideograph-3F20
  28. Glyph for U+4489 CJK Unified Ideograph-4489
  29. Glyph for U+489A CJK Unified Ideograph-489A
  30. Glyph for U+4C63 CJK Unified Ideograph-4C63
  31. Glyph for U+44ED CJK Unified Ideograph-44ED
  32. Glyph for U+480E CJK Unified Ideograph-480E
  33. Glyph for U+45D2 CJK Unified Ideograph-45D2
  34. Glyph for U+4450 CJK Unified Ideograph-4450
  35. Glyph for U+49B5 CJK Unified Ideograph-49B5
  36. Glyph for U+3906 CJK Unified Ideograph-3906
  37. Glyph for U+4AA5 CJK Unified Ideograph-4AA5
  38. Glyph for U+430C CJK Unified Ideograph-430C
  39. Glyph for U+3E91 CJK Unified Ideograph-3E91
  40. Glyph for U+3F58 CJK Unified Ideograph-3F58
  41. Glyph for U+4347 CJK Unified Ideograph-4347
  42. Glyph for U+4C54 CJK Unified Ideograph-4C54
  43. Glyph for U+4C57 CJK Unified Ideograph-4C57
  44. Glyph for U+9669 CJK Unified Ideograph-9669
  45. Glyph for U+9F8A CJK Unified Ideograph-9F8A
  46. Glyph for U+620B CJK Unified Ideograph-620B
  47. Glyph for U+4FB7 CJK Unified Ideograph-4FB7
  48. Glyph for U+96AA CJK Unified Ideograph-96AA
  49. Glyph for U+9F8C CJK Unified Ideograph-9F8C
  50. Glyph for U+890A CJK Unified Ideograph-890A
  51. Glyph for U+6E6B CJK Unified Ideograph-6E6B
  52. Glyph for U+58D1 CJK Unified Ideograph-58D1
  53. Glyph for U+5F07 CJK Unified Ideograph-5F07
  54. Glyph for U+5F84 CJK Unified Ideograph-5F84
  55. Glyph for U+5F91 CJK Unified Ideograph-5F91
  56. Glyph for U+60FC CJK Unified Ideograph-60FC
  57. Glyph for U+6214 CJK Unified Ideograph-6214
  58. Glyph for U+677C CJK Unified Ideograph-677C
  59. Glyph for U+967A CJK Unified Ideograph-967A
  60. Glyph for U+6C9F CJK Unified Ideograph-6C9F
  61. Glyph for U+6E9D CJK Unified Ideograph-6E9D
  62. Glyph for U+8220 CJK Unified Ideograph-8220
  63. Glyph for U+825C CJK Unified Ideograph-825C
  64. Glyph for U+8268 CJK Unified Ideograph-8268
  65. Glyph for U+964B CJK Unified Ideograph-964B
  66. Glyph for U+965C CJK Unified Ideograph-965C
  67. Glyph for U+967F CJK Unified Ideograph-967F
  68. Glyph for U+9698 CJK Unified Ideograph-9698
  69. Glyph for U+9F6A CJK Unified Ideograph-9F6A
  70. Glyph for U+9F77 CJK Unified Ideograph-9F77
  71. Glyph for U+9FCD CJK Unified Ideograph-9FCD
  72. Glyph for U+2C337 CJK Unified Ideograph-2C337
  73. Glyph for U+F951 CJK Compatibility Ideograph-F951
  74. Glyph for U+28EB9 CJK Unified Ideograph-28EB9
  75. Glyph for U+30C0F CJK Unified Ideograph-30C0F
  76. Glyph for U+3108E CJK Unified Ideograph-3108E
  77. Glyph for U+1F19B Squared Three D
  78. Glyph for U+2004 Three-Per-Em Space
  79. Glyph for U+2005 Four-Per-Em Space
  80. Glyph for U+1F6F0 Satellite
  81. Glyph for U+1680 Ogham Space Mark
  82. Glyph for U+2305 Projective
  83. Glyph for U+2002 En Space
  84. Glyph for U+2003 Em Space
  85. Glyph for U+2006 Six-Per-Em Space
  86. Glyph for U+2007 Figure Space
  87. Glyph for U+2008 Punctuation Space
  88. Glyph for U+2009 Thin Space
  89. Glyph for U+200A Hair Space
  90. Glyph for U+205F Medium Mathematical Space
  91. Glyph for U+3000 Ideographic Space
  92. Glyph for U+303F Ideographic Half Fill Space
  93. Glyph for U+11F48 Kawi Punctuation Space Filler
  94. Glyph for U+1DA7F Signwriting Location-Wallplane Space
  95. Glyph for U+1DA80 Signwriting Location-Floorplane Space
  96. Glyph for U+E0020 Tag Space
  97. Glyph for U+2A2F Vector Or Cross Product
  98. Glyph for U+1F18A Crossed Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P
  99. Glyph for U+1F680 Rocket
  100. Glyph for U+02A5 Latin Small Letter Dz Digraph with Curl
  101. Glyph for U+02A8 Latin Small Letter Tc Digraph with Curl
  102. Glyph for U+1F460 High-Heeled Shoe
  103. Glyph for U+1F4E2 Public Address Loudspeaker
  104. Glyph for U+1F990 Shrimp
  105. Glyph for U+2131 Script Capital F
  106. Glyph for U+1D54B Mathematical Double-Struck Capital T
  107. Glyph for U+1F3E1 House with Garden
  108. Glyph for U+1F4BC Briefcase
  109. Glyph for U+212C Script Capital B
  110. Glyph for U+2297 Circled Times
  111. Glyph for U+27C3 Open Subset
  112. Glyph for U+27C4 Open Superset
  113. Glyph for U+1F3E2 Office Building
  114. Glyph for U+2CA11 CJK Unified Ideograph-2CA11
  115. Glyph for U+4051 CJK Unified Ideograph-4051
  116. Glyph for U+3749 CJK Unified Ideograph-3749
  117. Glyph for U+48D1 CJK Unified Ideograph-48D1
  118. Glyph for U+3889 CJK Unified Ideograph-3889
  119. Glyph for U+419C CJK Unified Ideograph-419C
  120. Glyph for U+3886 CJK Unified Ideograph-3886
  121. Glyph for U+49D8 CJK Unified Ideograph-49D8
  122. Glyph for U+347F CJK Unified Ideograph-347F
  123. Glyph for U+3651 CJK Unified Ideograph-3651
  124. Glyph for U+3870 CJK Unified Ideograph-3870
  125. Glyph for U+367B CJK Unified Ideograph-367B
  126. Glyph for U+4866 CJK Unified Ideograph-4866
  127. Glyph for U+3E1C CJK Unified Ideograph-3E1C
  128. Glyph for U+364A CJK Unified Ideograph-364A
  129. Glyph for U+3762 CJK Unified Ideograph-3762
  130. Glyph for U+3F6D CJK Unified Ideograph-3F6D
  131. Glyph for U+573A CJK Unified Ideograph-573A
  132. Glyph for U+95F4 CJK Unified Ideograph-95F4
  133. Glyph for U+5834 CJK Unified Ideograph-5834
  134. Glyph for U+5872 CJK Unified Ideograph-5872
  135. Glyph for U+58D6 CJK Unified Ideograph-58D6
  136. Glyph for U+686D CJK Unified Ideograph-686D
  137. Glyph for U+794A CJK Unified Ideograph-794A
  138. Glyph for U+819B CJK Unified Ideograph-819B
  139. Glyph for U+9593 CJK Unified Ideograph-9593
  140. Glyph for U+2302 House
  141. Glyph for U+2422 Blank Symbol
  142. Glyph for U+2423 Open Box
  143. Glyph for U+270D Writing Hand
  144. Glyph for U+1F320 Shooting Star
  145. Glyph for U+1F32C Wind Blowing Face
  146. Glyph for U+1F3E0 House Building
  147. Glyph for U+1F47D Extraterrestrial Alien
  148. Glyph for U+1F58E Left Writing Hand
  149. Glyph for U+0255 Latin Small Letter C with Curl
  150. Glyph for U+028F Latin Letter Small Capital Y
  151. Glyph for U+0404 Cyrillic Capital Letter Ukrainian Ie
  152. Glyph for U+0602 Arabic Footnote Marker
  153. Glyph for U+231B Hourglass
  154. Glyph for U+23F3 Hourglass with Flowing Sand
  155. Glyph for U+26C6 Rain
  156. Glyph for U+2720 Maltese Cross
  157. Glyph for U+2C78 Latin Small Letter E with Notch
  158. Glyph for U+2C79 Latin Small Letter Turned R with Tail
  159. Glyph for U+AC80 Hangul Syllable Geom
  160. Glyph for U+1F300 Cyclone
  161. Glyph for U+1F326 White Sun Behind Cloud with Rain
  162. Glyph for U+1F327 Cloud with Rain
  163. Glyph for U+1F3C3 Runner
  164. Glyph for U+1F3FA Amphora
  165. Glyph for U+1F40A Crocodile
  166. Glyph for U+1F40D Snake
  167. Glyph for U+1F42A Dromedary Camel
  168. Glyph for U+1F458 Kimono
  169. Glyph for U+1F4E3 Cheering Megaphone
  170. Glyph for U+1F50D Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass
  171. Glyph for U+1F50E Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass
  172. Glyph for U+1F56B Bullhorn
  173. Glyph for U+1F56C Bullhorn with Sound Waves
  174. Glyph for U+1F577 Spider
  175. Glyph for U+1F5C5 Empty Note
  176. Glyph for U+1F5C6 Empty Note Page
  177. Glyph for U+1F5C8 Note
  178. Glyph for U+1F5C9 Note Page
  179. Glyph for U+1F5F3 Ballot Box with Ballot
  180. Glyph for U+1F5FE Silhouette of Japan
  181. Glyph for U+1F623 Persevering Face
  182. Glyph for U+1F684 High-Speed Train
  183. Glyph for U+1F69E Mountain Railway
  184. Glyph for U+1F6F6 Canoe
  185. Glyph for U+1F6F7 Sled
  186. Glyph for U+1F982 Scorpion
  187. Glyph for U+1FADA Ginger Root
  188. Glyph for U+0640 Arabic Tatweel
  189. Glyph for U+07FA NKo Lajanyalan
  190. Glyph for U+1801 Mongolian Ellipsis
  191. Glyph for U+2026 Horizontal Ellipsis
  192. Glyph for U+2102 Double-Struck Capital C
  193. Glyph for U+210C Black-Letter Capital H
  194. Glyph for U+210D Double-Struck Capital H
  195. Glyph for U+2111 Black-Letter Capital I
  196. Glyph for U+211C Black-Letter Capital R
  197. Glyph for U+212D Black-Letter Capital C
  198. Glyph for U+2225 Parallel To
  199. Glyph for U+2226 Not Parallel To
  200. Glyph for U+223B Homothetic
  201. Glyph for U+22D5 Equal and Parallel To
  202. Glyph for U+22EE Vertical Ellipsis
  203. Glyph for U+22EF Midline Horizontal Ellipsis
  204. Glyph for U+22F0 Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
  205. Glyph for U+22F1 Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
  206. Glyph for U+2312 Arc
  207. Glyph for U+2331 Dimension Origin
  208. Glyph for U+2387 Alternative Key Symbol
  209. Glyph for U+2400 Symbol For Null
  210. Glyph for U+25DC Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
  211. Glyph for U+25DD Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
  212. Glyph for U+25DE Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
  213. Glyph for U+25DF Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
  214. Glyph for U+25E0 Upper Half Circle
  215. Glyph for U+25E1 Lower Half Circle
  216. Glyph for U+2604 Comet
  217. Glyph for U+29B7 Circled Parallel
  218. Glyph for U+29E0 Square with Contoured Outline
  219. Glyph for U+2A33 Smash Product
  220. Glyph for U+BC29 Hangul Syllable Bang
  221. Glyph for U+FE19 Presentation Form For Vertical Horizontal Ellipsis
  222. Glyph for U+FFED Halfwidth Black Square
  223. Glyph for U+FFEE Halfwidth White Circle
  224. Glyph for U+12038 Cuneiform Sign Ash
  225. Glyph for U+1D520 Mathematical Fraktur Small C
  226. Glyph for U+1F15F Negative Circled Latin Capital Letter P
  227. Glyph for U+1F17F Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P
  228. Glyph for U+1F30C Milky Way
  229. Glyph for U+1F6AA Door
  230. Glyph for U+1F6CB Couch and Lamp
  231. Glyph for U+1F93F Diving Mask
  232. Glyph for U+01C7 Latin Capital Letter Lj
  233. Glyph for U+01CA Latin Capital Letter Nj
  234. Glyph for U+02C2 Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
  235. Glyph for U+02C3 Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
  236. Glyph for U+02C4 Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
  237. Glyph for U+02C5 Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
  238. Glyph for U+0478 Cyrillic Capital Letter Uk
  239. Glyph for U+0483 Combining Cyrillic Titlo
  240. Glyph for U+0E81 Lao Letter Ko
  241. Glyph for U+0E82 Lao Letter Kho Sung
  242. Glyph for U+0E84 Lao Letter Kho Tam
  243. Glyph for U+0E87 Lao Letter Ngo
  244. Glyph for U+0E88 Lao Letter Co
  245. Glyph for U+0E8A Lao Letter So Tam
  246. Glyph for U+0E8D Lao Letter Nyo
  247. Glyph for U+0E94 Lao Letter Do
  248. Glyph for U+0E95 Lao Letter To
  249. Glyph for U+0E96 Lao Letter Tho Sung
  250. Glyph for U+0E97 Lao Letter Tho Tam
  251. Glyph for U+0E99 Lao Letter No
  252. Glyph for U+0E9A Lao Letter Bo
  253. Glyph for U+0E9B Lao Letter Po
  254. Glyph for U+0E9C Lao Letter Pho Sung
  255. Glyph for U+0E9D Lao Letter Fo Fon*
  256. Glyph for U+0E9E Lao Letter Pho Tam

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