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  1. Glyph for U+22A3 Left Tack
  2. Glyph for U+21F8 Rightwards Arrow with Vertical Stroke
  3. Glyph for U+27E0 Lozenge Divided By Horizontal Rule
  4. Glyph for U+223B Homothetic
  5. Glyph for U+212D Black-Letter Capital C
  6. Glyph for U+1D520 Mathematical Fraktur Small C
  7. Glyph for U+2147 Double-Struck Italic Small E
  8. Glyph for U+2294 Square Cup
  9. Glyph for U+2A06 N-Ary Square Union Operator
  10. Glyph for U+22AD Not True
  11. Glyph for U+00AC Not Sign
  12. Glyph for U+2240 Wreath Product
  13. Glyph for U+2310 Reversed Not Sign
  14. Glyph for U+2319 Turned Not Sign
  15. Glyph for U+FFE2 Fullwidth Not Sign
  16. Glyph for U+0607 Arabic-Indic Fourth Root
  17. Glyph for U+22BD Nor
  18. Glyph for U+2223 Divides
  19. Glyph for U+2297 Circled Times
  20. Glyph for U+22ED Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal
  21. Glyph for U+22A8 True
  22. Glyph for U+2B2E Black Vertical Ellipse
  23. Glyph for U+2B2F White Vertical Ellipse
  24. Glyph for U+22EB Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
  25. Glyph for U+22EA Not Normal Subgroup Of
  26. Glyph for U+22EC Not Normal Subgroup of Or Equal To
  27. Glyph for U+2224 Does Not Divide
  28. Glyph for U+22C0 N-Ary Logical And
  29. Glyph for U+22C1 N-Ary Logical Or
  30. Glyph for U+22CE Curly Logical Or
  31. Glyph for U+22CF Curly Logical And
  32. Glyph for U+27C7 Or with Dot Inside
  33. Glyph for U+27CE Squared Logical And
  34. Glyph for U+27CF Squared Logical Or
  35. Glyph for U+27D1 and with Dot
  36. Glyph for U+2194 Left Right Arrow
  37. Glyph for U+21D4 Left Right Double Arrow
  38. Glyph for U+22B2 Normal Subgroup Of
  39. Glyph for U+22B3 Contains As Normal Subgroup
  40. Glyph for U+22B4 Normal Subgroup of Or Equal To
  41. Glyph for U+22B5 Contains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To
  42. Glyph for U+25C5 White Left-Pointing Pointer
  43. Glyph for U+27FA Long Left Right Double Arrow
  44. Glyph for U+29E0 Square with Contoured Outline
  45. Glyph for U+0606 Arabic-Indic Cube Root
  46. Glyph for U+2200 For All
  47. Glyph for U+2201 Complement
  48. Glyph for U+225C Delta Equal To
  49. Glyph for U+22C9 Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
  50. Glyph for U+22CA Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
  51. Glyph for U+226E Not Less-Than
  52. Glyph for U+226F Not Greater-Than
  53. Glyph for U+22BB Xor
  54. Glyph for U+2A52 Logical Or with Dot Above
  55. Glyph for U+2260 Not Equal To
  56. Glyph for U+211D Double-Struck Capital R
  57. Glyph for U+2259 Estimates
  58. Glyph for U+2135 Alef Symbol
  59. Glyph for U+2229 Intersection
  60. Glyph for U+22C2 N-Ary Intersection
  61. Glyph for U+2A64 Z Notation Domain Antirestriction
  62. Glyph for U+2A65 Z Notation Range Antirestriction
  63. Glyph for U+2BDF True Light Moon Arta
  64. Glyph for U+2268 Less-Than But Not Equal To
  65. Glyph for U+2269 Greater-Than But Not Equal To
  66. Glyph for U+2124 Double-Struck Capital Z
  67. Glyph for U+2136 Bet Symbol
  68. Glyph for U+229C Circled Equals
  69. Glyph for U+1D45D Mathematical Italic Small P
  70. Glyph for U+1D45E Mathematical Italic Small Q
  71. Glyph for U+22A7 Models
  72. Glyph for U+2061 Function Application
  73. Glyph for U+1D53B Mathematical Double-Struck Capital D
  74. Glyph for U+212C Script Capital B
  75. Glyph for U+221A Square Root
  76. Glyph for U+221B Cube Root
  77. Glyph for U+221C Fourth Root
  78. Glyph for U+2300 Diameter Sign
  79. Glyph for U+23B7 Radical Symbol Bottom
  80. Glyph for U+2A07 Two Logical and Operator
  81. Glyph for U+0395 Greek Capital Letter Epsilon
  82. Glyph for U+03F6 Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
  83. Glyph for U+2062 Invisible Times
  84. Glyph for U+220F N-Ary Product
  85. Glyph for U+22C5 Dot Operator
  86. Glyph for U+2241 Not Tilde
  87. Glyph for U+22B9 Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
  88. Glyph for U+2333 Slope
  89. Glyph for U+210D Double-Struck Capital H
  90. Glyph for U+3C4B CJK Unified Ideograph-3C4B
  91. Glyph for U+8BDA CJK Unified Ideograph-8BDA
  92. Glyph for U+7B03 CJK Unified Ideograph-7B03
  93. Glyph for U+4EB6 CJK Unified Ideograph-4EB6
  94. Glyph for U+5B9E CJK Unified Ideograph-5B9E
  95. Glyph for U+5B9F CJK Unified Ideograph-5B9F
  96. Glyph for U+5BD4 CJK Unified Ideograph-5BD4
  97. Glyph for U+5BE6 CJK Unified Ideograph-5BE6
  98. Glyph for U+6D35 CJK Unified Ideograph-6D35
  99. Glyph for U+78BA CJK Unified Ideograph-78BA
  100. Glyph for U+771E CJK Unified Ideograph-771E
  101. Glyph for U+771F CJK Unified Ideograph-771F
  102. Glyph for U+786E CJK Unified Ideograph-786E
  103. Glyph for U+7BE4 CJK Unified Ideograph-7BE4
  104. Glyph for U+8AA0 CJK Unified Ideograph-8AA0
  105. Glyph for U+2270 Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To
  106. Glyph for U+2271 Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To
  107. Glyph for U+2A2F Vector Or Cross Product
  108. Glyph for U+22E6 Less-Than But Not Equivalent To
  109. Glyph for U+22E7 Greater-Than But Not Equivalent To
  110. Glyph for U+211A Double-Struck Capital Q
  111. Glyph for U+33D1 Square Ln
  112. Glyph for U+1F330 Chestnut
  113. Glyph for U+1F9B7 Tooth
  114. Glyph for U+2265 Greater-Than Or Equal To
  115. Glyph for U+2266 Less-Than Over Equal To
  116. Glyph for U+2267 Greater-Than Over Equal To
  117. Glyph for U+226A Much Less-Than
  118. Glyph for U+226B Much Greater-Than
  119. Glyph for U+2276 Less-Than Or Greater-Than
  120. Glyph for U+2277 Greater-Than Or Less-Than
  121. Glyph for U+2278 Neither Less-Than Nor Greater-Than
  122. Glyph for U+2279 Neither Greater-Than Nor Less-Than
  123. Glyph for U+2A7E Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To
  124. Glyph for U+2281 Does Not Succeed
  125. Glyph for U+228A Subset of with Not Equal To
  126. Glyph for U+228B Superset of with Not Equal To
  127. Glyph for U+2209 Not An Element Of
  128. Glyph for U+222E Contour Integral
  129. Glyph for U+22AE Does Not Force
  130. Glyph for U+2ABA Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To
  131. Glyph for U+83AB CJK Unified Ideograph-83AB
  132. Glyph for U+2064 Invisible Plus
  133. Glyph for U+B191 Hangul Syllable Not
  134. Glyph for U+0235 Latin Small Letter N with Curl
  135. Glyph for U+212F Script Small E
  136. Glyph for U+1F335 Cactus
  137. Glyph for U+1F910 Zipper-Mouth Face
  138. Glyph for U+220C Does Not Contain As Member
  139. Glyph for U+2226 Not Parallel To
  140. Glyph for U+2244 Not Asymptotically Equal To
  141. Glyph for U+2249 Not Almost Equal To
  142. Glyph for U+2262 Not Identical To
  143. Glyph for U+2280 Does Not Precede
  144. Glyph for U+2AEC Double Stroke Not Sign
  145. Glyph for U+2F4F Kangxi Radical Do Not
  146. Glyph for U+1F6AF Do Not Litter Symbol
  147. Glyph for U+6BCB CJK Unified Ideograph-6BCB
  148. Glyph for U+05D0 Hebrew Letter Alef
  149. Glyph for U+0627 Arabic Letter Alef
  150. Glyph for U+0649 Arabic Letter Alef Maksura
  151. Glyph for U+0710 Syriac Letter Alaph
  152. Glyph for U+0773 Arabic Letter Alef with Extended Arabic-Indic Digit Two Above
  153. Glyph for U+0774 Arabic Letter Alef with Extended Arabic-Indic Digit Three Above
  154. Glyph for U+0800 Samaritan Letter Alaf
  155. Glyph for U+2218 Ring Operator
  156. Glyph for U+221D Proportional To
  157. Glyph for U+2237 Proportion
  158. Glyph for U+223A Geometric Proportion
  159. Glyph for U+2314 Sector
  160. Glyph for U+2A3C Interior Product
  161. Glyph for U+2A75 Two Consecutive Equals Signs
  162. Glyph for U+2A76 Three Consecutive Equals Signs
  163. Glyph for U+A722 Latin Capital Letter Egyptological Alef
  164. Glyph for U+FB21 Hebrew Letter Wide Alef
  165. Glyph for U+FBE8 Arabic Letter Uighur Kazakh Kirghiz Alef Maksura Initial Form
  166. Glyph for U+FBE9 Arabic Letter Uighur Kazakh Kirghiz Alef Maksura Medial Form
  167. Glyph for U+FE8D Arabic Letter Alef Isolated Form
  168. Glyph for U+FE8E Arabic Letter Alef Final Form
  169. Glyph for U+FEEF Arabic Letter Alef Maksura Isolated Form
  170. Glyph for U+FEF0 Arabic Letter Alef Maksura Final Form
  171. Glyph for U+10840 Imperial Aramaic Letter Aleph
  172. Glyph for U+10900 Phoenician Letter Alf
  173. Glyph for U+26EB Castle
  174. Glyph for U+1F3F0 European Castle
  175. Glyph for U+226D Not Equivalent To
  176. Glyph for U+2284 Not A Subset Of
  177. Glyph for U+2285 Not A Superset Of
  178. Glyph for U+22E2 Not Square Image of Or Equal To
  179. Glyph for U+22E3 Not Square Original of Or Equal To
  180. Glyph for U+236F Apl Functional Symbol Quad Not Equal
  181. Glyph for U+2A89 Less-Than and Not Approximate
  182. Glyph for U+2A8A Greater-Than and Not Approximate
  183. Glyph for U+2F46 Kangxi Radical Not
  184. Glyph for U+1F9CF Deaf Person
  185. Glyph for U+00BD Vulgar Fraction One Half
  186. Glyph for U+2102 Double-Struck Capital C
  187. Glyph for U+2111 Black-Letter Capital I
  188. Glyph for U+2112 Script Capital L
  189. Glyph for U+211C Black-Letter Capital R
  190. Glyph for U+2137 Gimel Symbol
  191. Glyph for U+2148 Double-Struck Italic Small I
  192. Glyph for U+2149 Double-Struck Italic Small J
  193. Glyph for U+222B Integral
  194. Glyph for U+222C Double Integral
  195. Glyph for U+222D Triple Integral
  196. Glyph for U+2231 Clockwise Integral
  197. Glyph for U+2232 Clockwise Contour Integral
  198. Glyph for U+2233 Anticlockwise Contour Integral
  199. Glyph for U+22A4 Down Tack
  200. Glyph for U+22D4 Pitchfork
  201. Glyph for U+2316 Position Indicator
  202. Glyph for U+2320 Top Half Integral
  203. Glyph for U+2321 Bottom Half Integral
  204. Glyph for U+23AE Integral Extension
  205. Glyph for U+23E5 Flatness
  206. Glyph for U+27D9 Large Down Tack
  207. Glyph for U+2A0C Quadruple Integral Operator
  208. Glyph for U+2A11 Anticlockwise Integration
  209. Glyph for U+2ADB Transversal Intersection
  210. Glyph for U+2BDE Black Diamond On Cross
  211. Glyph for U+1D539 Mathematical Double-Struck Capital B
  212. Glyph for U+1D54A Mathematical Double-Struck Capital S
  213. Glyph for U+1D7D9 Mathematical Double-Struck Digit One
  214. Glyph for U+1F53A Up-Pointing Red Triangle
  215. Glyph for U+1F53B Down-Pointing Red Triangle
  216. Glyph for U+1F53C Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
  217. Glyph for U+1F53D Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle
  218. Glyph for U+1F99C Parrot
  219. Glyph for U+1F9ED Compass
  220. Glyph for U+034A Combining Not Tilde Above
  221. Glyph for U+2204 There Does Not Exist
  222. Glyph for U+2246 Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
  223. Glyph for U+22AC Does Not Prove
  224. Glyph for U+22E0 Does Not Precede Or Equal
  225. Glyph for U+22E1 Does Not Succeed Or Equal
  226. Glyph for U+22E4 Square Image of Or Not Equal To
  227. Glyph for U+22E5 Square Original of Or Not Equal To
  228. Glyph for U+22E8 Precedes But Not Equivalent To
  229. Glyph for U+22E9 Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
  230. Glyph for U+237B Not Check Mark
  231. Glyph for U+2A14 Line Integration Not Including The Pole
  232. Glyph for U+2A87 Less-Than and Single-Line Not Equal To
  233. Glyph for U+2A88 Greater-Than and Single-Line Not Equal To
  234. Glyph for U+2AB1 Precedes Above Single-Line Not Equal To
  235. Glyph for U+2AB2 Succeeds Above Single-Line Not Equal To
  236. Glyph for U+2AB5 Precedes Above Not Equal To
  237. Glyph for U+2AB6 Succeeds Above Not Equal To
  238. Glyph for U+2AB9 Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To
  239. Glyph for U+2ACB Subset of Above Not Equal To
  240. Glyph for U+2ACC Superset of Above Not Equal To
  241. Glyph for U+2AED Reversed Double Stroke Not Sign
  242. Glyph for U+2AEE Does Not Divide with Reversed Negation Slash
  243. Glyph for U+A18A Yi Syllable Not
  244. Glyph for U+3D54 CJK Unified Ideograph-3D54
  245. Glyph for U+35F5 CJK Unified Ideograph-35F5
  246. Glyph for U+3E13 CJK Unified Ideograph-3E13
  247. Glyph for U+4033 CJK Unified Ideograph-4033
  248. Glyph for U+395C CJK Unified Ideograph-395C
  249. Glyph for U+43E7 CJK Unified Ideograph-43E7
  250. Glyph for U+52FF CJK Unified Ideograph-52FF
  251. Glyph for U+6C92 CJK Unified Ideograph-6C92
  252. Glyph for U+6CA1 CJK Unified Ideograph-6CA1
  253. Glyph for U+76C7 CJK Unified Ideograph-76C7
  254. Glyph for U+1D04 Latin Letter Small Capital C
  255. Glyph for U+1D05 Latin Letter Small Capital D
  256. Glyph for U+1D0A Latin Letter Small Capital J

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