13 Codepoints Found

  1. Glyph for U+1377 Ethiopic Number Sixty
  2. Glyph for U+324D Circled Number Sixty On Black Square
  3. Glyph for U+10115 Aegean Number Sixty
  4. Glyph for U+102EF Coptic Epact Number Sixty
  5. Glyph for U+109CE Meroitic Cursive Number Sixty
  6. Glyph for U+10E6E Rumi Number Sixty
  7. Glyph for U+11060 Brahmi Number Sixty
  8. Glyph for U+111EF Sinhala Archaic Number Sixty
  9. Glyph for U+118EF Warang Citi Number Sixty
  10. Glyph for U+11C68 Bhaiksuki Number Sixty
  11. Glyph for U+1D36E Counting Rod Tens Digit Six
  12. Glyph for U+1EC7F Indic Siyaq Number Sixty
  13. Glyph for U+1ED0F Ottoman Siyaq Number Sixty

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