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Glyph for U+10199
Source: Noto Sans Symbols2

U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign

U+10199 was added in Unicode version 5.1 in 2008. It belongs to the block U+10190 to U+101CF Ancient Symbols in the U+10000 to U+1FFFF Supplementary Multilingual Plane.

This character is a Other Symbol and is commonly used, that is, in no specific script.

The glyph is not a composition. It has no designated width in East Asian texts. In bidirectional text it acts as Other Neutral. When changing direction it is not mirrored. The word that U+10199 forms with similar adjacent characters prevents a line break inside it. The glyph can be confused with one other glyph.

The Wikipedia has the following information about this codepoint:

The dupondius (Latin two-pounder) was a brass coin used during the Roman Republic and Roman Empire valued at 2 asses (4/5 of a sestertius or 1/5 of a denarius during the Republic and 1/2 of a sestertius or 1/8 of a denarius during the time of Augustus).

The dupondius was introduced during the Roman Republic as a large bronze cast coin, although even at introduction it weighed less than 2 Roman pounds (librae). The initial coins featured the bust of Roma on the obverse and a six-spoked wheel on the reverse. A loaf of bread or a sextarius (c. 0.5 L) of wine cost roughly one dupondius at the height of the Roman Empire, though due to the debasement of the denarius over the following century, the dupondius was discarded.

With the coinage reform of Augustus in about 23 BC, the sestertius and dupondius were produced in a type of brass called orichalcum by the Romans and numismatists, while lower denominations were produced out of reddish copper. However, some dupondii were made entirely from copper under Augustus, while under Nero some asses were made from both orichalcum and copper, instead of only copper for asses coined until then. Therefore, the latter can only be distinguished from dupondii by their smaller size instead of by also the appearance of the metal.

The dupondius was normally further distinguished from the similarly sized as with the addition of a radiate crown to the bust of the emperor in 66 AD during the reign of Nero. Using a radiate crown to indicate double value was also markedly used on the antoninianus (double denarius) introduced by Caracalla and the double sestertius. Since dupondii minted prior to and during the reign of Nero, and occasionally under later rulers, lack the radiate crown, it is often hard to distinguish between the as and the dupondius due to heavy patina which often obscures the coin's original color.

An extremely rare dupondius from the reign of Marcus Aurelius, dated to 154 or 155 and in excellent condition, was discovered in 2007 at the archaeological site in Draper's Gardens, London.


System Representation
NΒΊ 65945
UTF-8 F0 90 86 99
UTF-16 D8 00 DD 99
UTF-32 00 01 01 99
URL-Quoted %F0%90%86%99
HTML hex reference 𐆙
Wrong windows-1252 Mojibake ð†ℒ

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Complete Record

Property Value
Age (age) 5.1 (2008)
Unicode 1 Name (na1) β€”
Block (blk) Ancient Symbols
General Category (gc) Other Symbol
Script (sc) Common
Bidirectional Category (bc) Other Neutral
Combining Class (ccc) Not Reordered
Decomposition Type (dt) none
Decomposition Mapping (dm) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Lowercase (Lower) ✘
Simple Lowercase Mapping (slc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Lowercase Mapping (lc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Uppercase (Upper) ✘
Simple Uppercase Mapping (suc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Uppercase Mapping (uc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Simple Titlecase Mapping (stc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Titlecase Mapping (tc) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Case Folding (cf) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
ASCII Hex Digit (AHex) ✘
Alphabetic (Alpha) ✘
Bidi Control (Bidi_C) ✘
Bidi Mirrored (Bidi_M) ✘
Composition Exclusion (CE) ✘
Case Ignorable (CI) ✘
Changes When Casefolded (CWCF) ✘
Changes When Casemapped (CWCM) ✘
Changes When NFKC Casefolded (CWKCF) ✘
Changes When Lowercased (CWL) ✘
Changes When Titlecased (CWT) ✘
Changes When Uppercased (CWU) ✘
Cased (Cased) ✘
Full Composition Exclusion (Comp_Ex) ✘
Default Ignorable Code Point (DI) ✘
Dash (Dash) ✘
Deprecated (Dep) ✘
Diacritic (Dia) ✘
Emoji Modifier Base (EBase) ✘
Emoji Component (EComp) ✘
Emoji Modifier (EMod) ✘
Emoji Presentation (EPres) ✘
Emoji (Emoji) ✘
Extender (Ext) ✘
Extended Pictographic (ExtPict) ✘
FC NFKC Closure (FC_NFKC) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Grapheme Cluster Break (GCB) Any
Grapheme Base (Gr_Base) βœ”
Grapheme Extend (Gr_Ext) ✘
Grapheme Link (Gr_Link) ✘
Hex Digit (Hex) ✘
Hyphen (Hyphen) ✘
ID Continue (IDC) ✘
ID Start (IDS) ✘
IDS Binary Operator (IDSB) ✘
IDS Trinary Operator and (IDST) ✘
ID_Compat_Math_Continue (ID_Compat_Math_Continue) 0
ID_Compat_Math_Start (ID_Compat_Math_Start) 0
Ideographic (Ideo) ✘
InCB (InCB) None
Indic Mantra Category (InMC) β€”
Indic Positional Category (InPC) NA
Indic Syllabic Category (InSC) Other
Jamo Short Name (JSN) β€”
Join Control (Join_C) ✘
Logical Order Exception (LOE) ✘
Math (Math) ✘
Noncharacter Code Point (NChar) ✘
NFC Quick Check (NFC_QC) Yes
NFD Quick Check (NFD_QC) Yes
NFKC Casefold (NFKC_CF) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
NFKC Quick Check (NFKC_QC) Yes
NFKC_SCF (NFKC_SCF) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
NFKD Quick Check (NFKD_QC) Yes
Other Alphabetic (OAlpha) ✘
Other Default Ignorable Code Point (ODI) ✘
Other Grapheme Extend (OGr_Ext) ✘
Other ID Continue (OIDC) ✘
Other ID Start (OIDS) ✘
Other Lowercase (OLower) ✘
Other Math (OMath) ✘
Other Uppercase (OUpper) ✘
Prepended Concatenation Mark (PCM) ✘
Pattern Syntax (Pat_Syn) ✘
Pattern White Space (Pat_WS) ✘
Quotation Mark (QMark) ✘
Regional Indicator (RI) ✘
Radical (Radical) ✘
Sentence Break (SB) Other
Soft Dotted (SD) ✘
Sentence Terminal (STerm) ✘
Terminal Punctuation (Term) ✘
Unified Ideograph (UIdeo) ✘
Variation Selector (VS) ✘
Word Break (WB) Other
White Space (WSpace) ✘
XID Continue (XIDC) ✘
XID Start (XIDS) ✘
Expands On NFC (XO_NFC) ✘
Expands On NFD (XO_NFD) ✘
Expands On NFKC (XO_NFKC) ✘
Expands On NFKD (XO_NFKD) ✘
Bidi Paired Bracket (bpb) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Bidi Paired Bracket Type (bpt) None
East Asian Width (ea) neutral
Hangul Syllable Type (hst) Not Applicable
ISO 10646 Comment (isc) β€”
Joining Group (jg) No_Joining_Group
Joining Type (jt) Non Joining
Line Break (lb) Alphabetic
Numeric Type (nt) none
Numeric Value (nv) not a number
Simple Case Folding (scf) Glyph for U+10199 Roman Dupondius Sign
Script Extension (scx)
Vertical Orientation (vo) R