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Glyph for U+1D17A
Source: Noto Music


U+1D17A was added to Unicode in version 3.1 (2001). It belongs to the block U+1D100 to U+1D1FF Musical Symbols in the U+10000 to U+1FFFF Supplementary Multilingual Plane.

This character is a Format and is commonly used, that is, in no specific script.

The glyph is not a composition. It has a Neutral East Asian Width. In bidirectional context it acts as Boundary Neutral and is not mirrored. In text U+1D17A behaves as Combining Mark regarding line breaks. It has type Format for sentence and Format for word breaks. The Grapheme Cluster Break is Control.

The Wikipedia has the following information about this codepoint:

In music theory, a phrase (Greek: φράση) is a unit of musical meter that has a complete musical sense of its own, built from figures, motifs, and cells, and combining to form melodies, periods and larger sections.

A phrase is a substantial musical thought, which ends with a musical punctuation called a cadence. Phrases are created in music through an interaction of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Terms such as sentence and verse have been adopted into the vocabulary of music from linguistic syntax. Though the analogy between the musical and the linguistic phrase is often made, still the term "is one of the most ambiguous in music....there is no consistency in applying these terms nor can there be...only with melodies of a very simple type, especially those of some dances, can the terms be used with some consistency."

John D. White defines a phrase as "the smallest musical unit that conveys a more or less complete musical thought. Phrases vary in length and are terminated at a point of full or partial repose, which is called a cadence." Edward Cone analyses the "typical musical phrase" as consisting of an "initial downbeat, a period of motion, and a point of arrival marked by a cadential downbeat". Charles Burkhart defines a phrase as "Any group of measures (including a group of one, or possibly even a fraction of one) that has some degree of structural completeness. What counts is the sense of completeness we hear in the pitches not the notation on the page. To be complete such a group must have an ending of some kind … . Phrases are delineated by the tonal functions of pitch. They are not created by slur or by legato performance ... . A phrase is not pitches only but also has a rhythmic dimension, and further, each phrase in a work contributes to that work's large rhythmic organization."


System Representation
NΒΊ 119162
UTF-8 F0 9D 85 BA
UTF-16 D8 34 DD 7A
UTF-32 00 01 D1 7A
URL-Quoted %F0%9D%85%BA
HTML-Escape 𝅺
Wrong windows-1252 Mojibake 𝅺


Complete Record

Property Value
Age 3.1 (2001)
Unicode 1 Name β€”
Block Musical Symbols
General Category Format
Script Common
Bidirectional Category Boundary Neutral
Combining Class Not Reordered
Decomposition Type None
Decomposition Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Lowercase ✘
Simple Lowercase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Lowercase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Uppercase ✘
Simple Uppercase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Uppercase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Simple Titlecase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Titlecase Mapping Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Case Folding Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
ASCII Hex Digit ✘
Alphabetic ✘
Bidi Control ✘
Bidi Mirrored ✘
Bidi Paired Bracket Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Bidi Paired Bracket Type None
Cased ✘
Composition Exclusion ✘
Case Ignorable βœ”
Full Composition Exclusion ✘
Changes When Casefolded ✘
Changes When Casemapped ✘
Changes When NFKC Casefolded βœ”
Changes When Lowercased ✘
Changes When Titlecased ✘
Changes When Uppercased ✘
Dash ✘
Deprecated ✘
Default Ignorable Code Point βœ”
Diacritic ✘
East Asian Width Neutral
Emoji Modifier Base ✘
Emoji Component ✘
Emoji Modifier ✘
Emoji ✘
Emoji Presentation ✘
Extender ✘
Extended Pictographic ✘
FC NFKC Closure Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Grapheme Cluster Break Control
Grapheme Base ✘
Grapheme Extend ✘
Grapheme Link ✘
Hex Digit ✘
Hangul Syllable Type Not Applicable
Hyphen ✘
ID Continue ✘
Ideographic ✘
ID Start ✘
IDS Binary Operator ✘
IDS Trinary Operator and ✘
Indic Mantra Category β€”
Indic Positional Category NA
Indic Syllabic Category Other
ISO 10646 Comment β€”
Joining Group No_Joining_Group
Join Control ✘
Jamo Short Name β€”
Joining Type Transparent
Line Break Combining Mark
Logical Order Exception ✘
Math ✘
Noncharacter Code Point ✘
NFC Quick Check Yes
NFD Quick Check Yes
NFKC Quick Check Yes
NFKD Quick Check Yes
Numeric Type None
Numeric Value not a number
Other Alphabetic ✘
Other Default Ignorable Code Point ✘
Other Grapheme Extend ✘
Other ID Continue ✘
Other ID Start ✘
Other Lowercase ✘
Other Math ✘
Other Uppercase ✘
Pattern Syntax ✘
Pattern White Space ✘
Prepended Concatenation Mark ✘
Quotation Mark ✘
Radical ✘
Regional Indicator ✘
Sentence Break Format
Simple Case Folding Glyph for U+1D17A Musical Symbol End Phrase
Script Extension
Soft Dotted ✘
Sentence Terminal ✘
Terminal Punctuation ✘
Unified Ideograph ✘
Vertical Orientation U
Variation Selector ✘
Word Break Format
White Space ✘
XID Continue ✘
XID Start ✘
Expands On NFC ✘
Expands On NFD ✘
Expands On NFKC ✘
Expands On NFKD ✘