U+1D7B6 was added to Unicode in version 3.1 (2001). It belongs to the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane.

This character is a Lowercase Letter and is commonly used, that is, in no specific script.

The glyph is a Font composition of the glyphs Ξ½. It has a Neutral East Asian Width. In bidirectional context it acts as Left To Right and is not mirrored. The glyph can, under circumstances, be confused with 60 other glyphs. In text U+1D7B6 behaves as Alphabetic regarding line breaks. It has type Lower for sentence and ALetter for word breaks. The Grapheme Cluster Break is Any.


System Representation
NΒΊ 120758
UTF-8 F0 9D 9E B6
UTF-16 D8 35 DF B6
UTF-32 00 01 D7 B6
URL-Quoted %F0%9D%9E%B6
HTML-Escape 𝞶
Wrong windows-1252 Mojibake 𝞢

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Complete Record

Property Value
Age (age) 3.1
Unicode 1 Name (na1) β€”
Block (blk) Math_Alphanum
General Category (gc) Lowercase Letter
Script (sc) Common
Bidirectional Category (bc) Left To Right
Combining Class (ccc) Not Reordered
Decomposition Type (dt) Font
Decomposition Mapping (dm) Ξ½
Lowercase (Lower) βœ”
Simple Lowercase Mapping (slc) 𝞢
Lowercase Mapping (lc) 𝞢
Uppercase (Upper) ✘
Simple Uppercase Mapping (suc) 𝞢
Uppercase Mapping (uc) 𝞢
Simple Titlecase Mapping (stc) 𝞢
Titlecase Mapping (tc) 𝞢
Case Folding (cf) 𝞢
ASCII Hex Digit (AHex) ✘
Alphabetic (Alpha) βœ”
Bidi Control (Bidi_C) ✘
Bidi Mirrored (Bidi_M) ✘
Bidi Paired Bracket (bpb) 𝞢
Bidi Paired Bracket Type (bpt) None
Cased (Cased) βœ”
Composition Exclusion (CE) ✘
Case Ignorable (CI) ✘
Full Composition Exclusion (Comp_Ex) ✘
Changes When Casefolded (CWCF) ✘
Changes When Casemapped (CWCM) ✘
Changes When NFKC Casefolded (CWKCF) βœ”
Changes When Lowercased (CWL) ✘
Changes When Titlecased (CWT) ✘
Changes When Uppercased (CWU) ✘
Dash (Dash) ✘
Deprecated (Dep) ✘
Default Ignorable Code Point (DI) ✘
Diacritic (Dia) ✘
East Asian Width (ea) Neutral
Extender (Ext) ✘
Grapheme Cluster Break (GCB) Any
Grapheme Base (Gr_Base) βœ”
Grapheme Extend (Gr_Ext) ✘
Hex Digit (Hex) ✘
Hangul Syllable Type (hst) Not Applicable
Hyphen (Hyphen) ✘
ID Continue (IDC) βœ”
Ideographic (Ideo) ✘
ID Start (IDS) βœ”
IDS Binary Operator (IDSB) ✘
IDS Trinary Operator and (IDST) ✘
InMC (InMC) β€”
Indic Positional Category (InPC) NA
Indic Syllabic Category (InSC) Other
ISO 10646 Comment (isc) β€”
Joining Group (jg) No_Joining_Group
Join Control (Join_C) ✘
Jamo Short Name (JSN) β€”
Joining Type (jt) Non Joining
Line Break (lb) Alphabetic
Logical Order Exception (LOE) ✘
Math (Math) βœ”
Noncharacter Code Point (NChar) ✘
NFC Quick Check (NFC_QC) Yes
NFD Quick Check (NFD_QC) Yes
NFKC Casefold (NFKC_CF) Ξ½
NFKC Quick Check (NFKC_QC) No
NFKD Quick Check (NFKD_QC) No
Numeric Type (nt) None
Numeric Value (nv) NaN
Other Alphabetic (OAlpha) ✘
Other Default Ignorable Code Point (ODI) ✘
Other Grapheme Extend (OGr_Ext) ✘
Other ID Continue (OIDC) ✘
Other ID Start (OIDS) ✘
Other Lowercase (OLower) ✘
Other Math (OMath) βœ”
Other Uppercase (OUpper) ✘
Pattern Syntax (Pat_Syn) ✘
Pattern White Space (Pat_WS) ✘
Quotation Mark (QMark) ✘
Radical (Radical) ✘
Sentence Break (SB) Lower
Simple Case Folding (scf) 𝞢
Script Extension (scx) Common
Soft Dotted (SD) ✘
STerm (STerm) ✘
Terminal Punctuation (Term) ✘
Unified Ideograph (UIdeo) ✘
Variation Selector (VS) ✘
Word Break (WB) ALetter
White Space (WSpace) ✘
XID Continue (XIDC) βœ”
XID Start (XIDS) βœ”
Expands On NFC (XO_NFC) ✘
Expands On NFD (XO_NFD) ✘
Expands On NFKC (XO_NFKC) ✘
Expands On NFKD (XO_NFKD) ✘