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Glyph for U+2635
Source: Noto Sans Symbols2

U+2635 Trigram for Water

U+2635 was added to Unicode in version 1.1 (1993). It belongs to the block U+2600 to U+26FF Miscellaneous Symbols in the U+0000 to U+FFFF Basic Multilingual Plane.

This character is a Other Symbol and is commonly used, that is, in no specific script. The character is also known as kan3.

The glyph is not a composition. It has a Neutral East Asian Width. In bidirectional context it acts as Other Neutral and is not mirrored. In text U+2635 behaves as Alphabetic regarding line breaks. It has type Other for sentence and Other for word breaks. The Grapheme Cluster Break is Any.

The Wikipedia has the following information about this codepoint:

The bagua (pinyin) or pa-kua (Wade-Giles) (八卦) are a set of eight symbols that originated in China, used in Daoist / Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either "broken" or "unbroken", respectively representing yin or yang. Due to their tripartite structure, they are often referred to as Eight Trigrams in English.

The trigrams are related to Yijing and Taiji philosophy, and the Wuxing, or "five elements". The trigrams have correspondences in astronomy, divination, meditation, astrology, geography, geomancy (fengshui), anatomy, decorative arts, the family, martial arts (particularly taijiquan and baguazhang), Chinese medicine and elsewhere.

The bagua can appear singly or in combination, and are commonly encountered in two different arrangements: the Primordial (先天八卦), "Earlier Heaven", or "Fu Xi" bagua (伏羲八卦) and the Manifested (後天八卦), "Later Heaven", or "King Wen" bagua.

In the ancient Chinese classic, I Ching (Pinyin: Yi Jing), two trigrams are stacked together to create a six-line figure known as a hexagram. There are 64 possible permutations. The 64 hexagram figures and their texts make up the book. The trigram symbolism can be used to interpret the hexagram figure and text. An example from Hexagram 19 commentary: "The earth [kun trigram] above the lake [dui trigram]: The image of Approach. Thus the superior man is inexhaustibe in his will to teach, and without limits in his tolerance and protection of the people." The trigrams have been used to organize Yijing charts as seen below.


System Representation
UTF-8 E2 98 B5
UTF-16 26 35
UTF-32 00 00 26 35
URL-Quoted %E2%98%B5
HTML hex reference ☵
Wrong windows-1252 Mojibake ☵
alias kan3


Complete Record

Property Value
Age 1.1 (1993)
Unicode 1 Name
Block Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
General Category Other Symbol
Script Common
Bidirectional Category Other Neutral
Combining Class Not Reordered
Decomposition Type None
Decomposition Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Simple Lowercase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Lowercase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Simple Uppercase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Uppercase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Simple Titlecase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Titlecase Mapping Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Case Folding Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
ASCII Hex Digit
Bidi Control
Bidi Mirrored
Composition Exclusion
Case Ignorable
Changes When Casefolded
Changes When Casemapped
Changes When NFKC Casefolded
Changes When Lowercased
Changes When Titlecased
Changes When Uppercased
Full Composition Exclusion
Default Ignorable Code Point
Emoji Modifier Base
Emoji Component
Emoji Modifier
Emoji Presentation
Extended Pictographic
FC NFKC Closure Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Grapheme Cluster Break Any
Grapheme Base
Grapheme Extend
Grapheme Link
Hex Digit
ID Continue
ID Start
IDS Binary Operator
IDS Trinary Operator and
ID_Compat_Math_Continue 0
ID_Compat_Math_Start 0
InCB None
Indic Mantra Category
Indic Positional Category NA
Indic Syllabic Category Other
Jamo Short Name
Join Control
Logical Order Exception
Noncharacter Code Point
NFC Quick Check Yes
NFD Quick Check Yes
NFKC Casefold Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
NFKC Quick Check Yes
NFKC_SCF Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
NFKD Quick Check Yes
Other Alphabetic
Other Default Ignorable Code Point
Other Grapheme Extend
Other ID Continue
Other ID Start
Other Lowercase
Other Math
Other Uppercase
Prepended Concatenation Mark
Pattern Syntax
Pattern White Space
Quotation Mark
Regional Indicator
Sentence Break Other
Soft Dotted
Sentence Terminal
Terminal Punctuation
Unified Ideograph
Variation Selector
Word Break Other
White Space
XID Continue
XID Start
Expands On NFC
Expands On NFD
Expands On NFKC
Expands On NFKD
Bidi Paired Bracket Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Bidi Paired Bracket Type None
East Asian Width Neutral
Hangul Syllable Type Not Applicable
ISO 10646 Comment
Joining Group No_Joining_Group
Joining Type Non Joining
Line Break Alphabetic
Numeric Type None
Numeric Value not a number
Simple Case Folding Glyph for U+2635 Trigram for Water
Script Extension
Vertical Orientation U